ludis citharoedus
Games we ran at GenCon 2015
Picts Or It Didn't Happen (Call of Cthulhu)
Friday 0800, JW Marriott, rm 309, table 2
Friday 1300, JW Marriott, rm 309, table 2
It is 220AD and Hadrian's Wall in Britannia guards the northern frontier of the mighty Roman Empire. The legions and auxiliaries (along with the Wall itself) protect the citizenry from attacks by the hostile tribes, but only some enlightened few know that there are graver threats lurking among the dark forests and trackless marshes beyond the border. Those few are yourselves, the local initiates into the Mysteries of Mithras, and you have been entrusted with protecting the region from supernatural danger. You've never had to do much more than propitiate a few angry river spirits in the past, but recently a number of disappearances and unexplained grisly deaths have occurred and the auguries are telling you that something very bad is about to happen...
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Clones (Paranoia)
Friday 0800, JW Marriott, rm 309, table 3
Friday 1300, JW Marriott, rm 309, table 3
A popular Troubleshooter hangout is under threat. The Computer wants to know what's happened to the recent crop of Horticultural Happy Herb. And some valuable antique laser pistols have vanished...
NOTE: This game was run using the Mongoose Publishing version of Paranoia which was funded as a Kickstarter in late 2014.