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Games for GenCon 2017
Pict and Mix (Call of Cthulhu)
Friday 0800, JW / 314 / 2
Friday 1300, JW / 314 / 2
In 225CE Hadrian's Wall in Britannia - along with the brave auxiliary soldiers who man it - provides the physical security for the northern frontier of the mighty Roman Empire. However, only some enlightened few understand the graver supernatural threats lurking among the dark forests and trackless marshes of the border region. Those few are yourselves, the Brotherhood, the initiates into the Mysteries of Mithras among the auxiliaries guarding the Wall. And now your home fort of Vercovicium is once again beset by troubles: a mysterious sickness has afflicted many of the garrison, leaving the fort dangerously undermanned just as the tribes to the north are becoming more belligerent under a new charismatic leader. Worse still, this malady has struck down the head of your own Brotherhood. Is this a supernatural attack? Only you have the skills to find out before it is too late.
Whispering Low (Call of Cthulhu)
Friday 0800, JW / 314 / 1
Friday 1300, JW / 314 / 4
The Willow Tree Music Festival in rural Hampshire, UK, is in its final hours, but the headlining band are missing one of their instruments. Who would want to steal a simple wooden flute?